Master Beer Appreciation Signup

Join our Master of Beer Appreciation (MBA) Program and we will keep track of every different beer you enjoy in the Tap Room! To certify you are a Master of Beer, you will receive these markers of your incredible achievement:

  • Try 50 different beers and receive a beautiful RV Tap Room logo pint glass.  
  • Experience 100 different beers you will receive an official RV Tap Room logo Rastal crystal tulip glass.
  • Specialize in trying 50 different beers in any one style and receive a special T-shirt showing your depth of knowledge. Style categories include Lager, Hoppy, Dark, Funky, Sour, and Belgian.
  • Achieve tasting 250 different beers and a plaque with your name will be displayed at the Tap Room to mark your place in history as a true Master of Beer Appreciation.

Check back for new MBA program features, like rating the beers you enjoy – and more!